OPI Muppet Show collection

Okay yes, I disappeared again…I’m not even gonna try with any excuses. I’ve come to realise that my blogging endeavours may always be a bit like this unless of course I get my act together….

Anyway, I just heard about a new nail collection that I think I just have to have I mean OPI + The Muppets + Glitter…errr hello you can not get better than this!

The Muppet Show

I’m sure there are some of you who perhaps just don’t get the whole Muppets thing but if you are of my generation then you know what I’m talking about..Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog are my childhood people! Actually, I just remembered one of my first pieces of jewellery a Kermit necklace given to me by my dad lol :)

Okay back to the collection,  there’s a whole range of great shades ranging from berry pinks to greens and blues…oh and loads of glitter. And this time OPI have really created some funky numbers, the glitter varnishes have a flecks of  colours and actually look for like nail art…I can’t really decide on what shades I’m going to get as very honestly I want them all!
Check out the OPI website they have this cool app whereby you can select your skin tone a nail varnish and see a what it would look like on a virtual hand. Okay that probably sounds weird, but I swear its cool.

Btw, I will update this post on where to purchase in Kuwait.


Avocado hair mask and loads of garlic

I’m always being asked about natural hair care, I’m no expert but I am partial to experimenting with home-made remedies.
For the past few weeks I have been on some hardcore pain killers and anti biotic’s and I feel that it’s had a negative effect on both my hair and nails. Basically my nails have pretty much all broken which isn’t normal as I have pretty strong nails and on top of that I have felt that I have experienced more than normal hair fall. To combat these issues I have resorted to some tried and tested home remedies that I have found effective in the past, I figured you might be interested.

A good hair fall remedy that I have used a few times and am using right now, is a hair mask that uses avocado, yogurt and olive oil. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to quantity of each ingredient however I use a cup of yogurt with half a big avocado (if small I’d use the whole lot) with just a drizzle of olive oil (not too much as the mask will become a tad too rich and you”ll never get it out of your hair). So you mix the three and apply it to dry hair with one of those brushes used for colouring your hair, you use the same technique as for applying hair dye i.e. sectioning and dividing your hair. I keep it on for about an hour and then wash it off.
The results are fantastic, the avocado adds a whole load of moisturising and hydrating properties while the yogurt adds shine and gloss. I was introduced to this mask via my local salon and luckily as its so easy to do I am religiously doing this at home once a week. The results? Well I’m back to my regular ‘few strands a day’ of hair fall which is great :)


I’ve never really experienced majorly weak nails before, other than when I removed acrylic nails a few years ago and my nails were like paper-thin! So witnessing my nails break one at a time has worried me a little. I’ve resorted to garlic, it’s known for stimulating hair growth so I’m assuming it’ll help my nails as it’s all hair right? So every day I get a couple of bulbs of garlic and slice them in half and rub them into my cuticle and nails ensuring that the garlic oil permeates into the skin around the nail as well. Yeah my hands stink for a bit, but nothing that can’t be fixed with some soap and water. The results? Well I swear I’ve seen an improvement, the nails seem to be growing and I’m hoping eventually they’ll get back to their former strong self :)


Cliniques All About Eyes Rich

So, I’m always on the look out for a good eye cream, after many experiments (expensive experiments I hasten to with Shisedo and Creme de la Mer), I have pretty much consistently reverted to my tried and tested Bobbi Brown eye cream (which I still love). Anyway, one day recently in a random retail therapy session I thought I would try out a Clinique version as I seem to be having a Clinique revival these days and end up at their stand without even thinking :)

Now let me fill you in about my skin, I have in general dry skin and my under eye area is equally parched and actually I feel that my skin has become drier since I moved to the Middle East- I blame air conditioning! I have a few fine lines under my eyes, had them for years but thankfully they aren’t too bad.

Anyway, I got myself a pot of Cliniques All About Eyes Rich and I’m suitably impressed :) A few years back I had used the regular All About Eyes and it didn’t work so well (cos my skin was so dry) so I sort of gave up on the product. However, this version is greeeaaat. It has a rich consistency (as you’d expect from its name :)), but it’s not heavy as might be expected. Glides onto the skin and gets absorbed pretty quickly. I use it twice a day, morning and night and tap it on under my eyes moving from the inner eye section out and up to just below the brow bone. I’ve really felt a difference, I feel hydrated and of course that helps in preventing any further fine lines. Cliniques own blurb about the product suggests that it helps with reducing under eye circles, which I don’t think it does and to be honest I don’t know of any eye cream that can do this unless it has bleaching properties, which is just plain dodgy!! Overall a big thumbs up and a definite re-purchase.
* if you don’t face severe dryness I’d try the regular version btw:)

Cliniques All About Eyes Rich

Elie Saab La Parfum- update

A few weeks ago I was raving about Elie Saab’s first ever perfume- La Parfum. Well in a recent retail therapy jaunt I finally bought myself a bottle. It’s a gorgeous mix of floral base notes with a hint of sultry quite woody notes too. Personally, it’s totally up my street as most of fav perfumes follow the same kind of mix. If you like me are partial to say Chanel Allure, Guerlain L’Instant or JPG Classique then give this a go :)


Sephora Dubai Mall & Benefit mascara- I do not feel the love :(

Hello people, so I have been MIA again for a couple of weeks, sorry about that but I’ve faced a few challenges recently and was out of action. However, you can’t keep an old dog down as they say and am back at the old rambling game again:)

So here’s my story…….a few weeks ago on a trip to Dubai I popped into Sephora in Dubai Mall. Btw, they now stock Urban Decay albeit a limited range, oh and Stila seems to have been abandoned. Anyway, getting back to my story. I was browsing the Benefit stand (one of my tried and trusted brands) and I noticed the new They’re Real mascara, meant to give a false lash effect with lots of lengthening action thrown in to. Before I could get my hands on a tester an MUA popped up and gave me all the spiel on how its the best thing since sliced bread etc etc. Of course I wanted to try it out and the overly keen MUA insisted that I let her apply it on me…bigggg mistakeeee!

This lady was irritating beyond comprehension, she just wouldn’t listen to me and kept lathering up the mascara on both my top and bottom lashes, I didn’t have a mirror so couldnt see anything until she’d finished. OMGGGG did I look a state or what!!! unfortunately I don’t have pics which I kick myself about as I really can’t explain how bad my lashes looked, they were all clumped and sticking to each other and felt really heavy. I mean this wasnt false lash effect it was the chav look amplified 100 times !!! Obviously I freaked at the chick and told her I hated the look, something she couldn’t understand as apparently its all the rage and I didn’t get it. Errr yeah whatever love!
She kept telling me that you can use the tip of the wand to get to the smaller lashes…err hello you can do that with any mascara wand. I cant tell you how much I hated this mascara, part of the problem was the MUA who I’m sorry was more sales assistant than MUA and really didn’t understand the product or what I was looking for. Customer service is generally really bad in the Middle East and its my pet peeve, you walk into a shop and you are literally hounded until you leave. Many times I leave because I am sick of the assistant following me around. Thsi chick made me angry because she refused to acknowledge the fact that I as a customer was not happy with the result, if she’d used her brain cells she could have easily dazzled me with another product and got me to partake with cash and boost her commission, did she…..hell no!

Back to the product, I’ve read such great reviews on this that I’m seriously disappointed at the crap results I witnessed. I mean I cant think of anything that I like about it, if I want the false lash effect I’ll reach for Loreal Volumious, Maybelline false lash or YSL faux cils.


Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream

Now I know this is a cult beauty product and one that everyone swears by, but am I the only one in the world that is allergic to it? Yep seems so. I bought a tube of this last year and everytime I try it I would come out in a rash :(

Now, why am I telling you people this…I really dunno :)

UD Naked palette @looksfantastic.com

I just received an e-ad from looksfantastic.com announcing that they’ve got the Urban Decay Naked palette back in stock. I highly recommend this palette to everyone, but specially anyone who is perhaps starting out with make-up and needs a good all-rounder. Its one of UD’s best sellers and literally flies of the shelves, so if you like the look of it go for it before it sells out again. The collection has twelve shades, with a mix of matte and frost finishes and as for the colours- literally it’s the full spectrum of neutral shades and don’t be mistaken into thinking that these are boring flat browns or beiges….nope you go from gold to coppertones all the way through to charcoal grey. And as with all UD eyeshadows the colour pay off is great and when used with a primer very long long-lasting. The kit now contains an eyesahdow brush too (didn’t when I got my mitts on one).